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Recording and sound engineering training in Trois-Rivières

We offer recording training to help you excel in the world of music. Visit us in Trois-Rivières, just a short drive from Shawinigan and Louiseville.

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If you want to produce clear songs and instrumental music, it's crucial to master sound software

To help you with that, we conduct a training program at our studio.

The course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of sound recording, mixing, and mastering.

Join us to familiarize yourself with the software and advance your music production skills.

The course is designed for musicians, composers, arrangers and sound engineers in Trois-Rivières.

Recording and Sound Engineering Training Trois-Rivières
Our sound and mixing studio offers
  • Sound design
  • Sound recording
  • Training in recording
  • Video clip recording
  • Music production
Our strengths
  • Modern equipment
  • High-quality services
  • Attractive prices
  • Our recording studio is located in Trois-Rivières, just a few minutes from Shawinigan and Louiseville.

Why choose our studio for recording training in Trois-Rivières ?

During the recording course, we will cover a number of topics :

  • Acoustics
  • Studio set-up
  • The classic equipment used for audio recording
  • Cabling
  • The different types of microphone
  • Decibels
  • Frequencies
  • Dynamics
  • Digital sound format and resolution

By the end of the course, you will learn how to program a workstation and use mixing and recording software for both Mac and PC. You will also acquire the skills to manage a recording.

Recording and sound engineering training: we have all the equipment you need for the job.

Introduction to Recording and Sound Engineering Trois-Rivières